indiabulls sector 109 gurgaon

Investing in Indiabulls Commercial 109 Project?

Be it a commercial project or residential project, investment in any kind of real estate can give huge ROI if you have proper knowledge of that particular sector. But, if you are interested to invest in Indiabulls Commercial 109 project you will definitely earn more financial rewards. Both of the projects require different types of approaches to earn higher profit.

If you are planning to invest in the Indiabulls commercial 109 project you must read following tips before proceeding further:

  • Easy Evaluation of Value of Commercial Project: Value of commercial projects does not determined just like the residential projects. The commercial projects are judged by the total cash flow. Two projects at the same location can have different prices.

           If you want to evaluate the value of your commercial project you may simply ask for the income statement of the tenant or lessee and determine            the value accordingly.

  • You don’t need to worry about the maintenance: The retail tenants always have eye of their customers on their stores. That is why they will never compromise with the looks of their retail stores and maintain it properly. So, if you have thought to buying retail store in Indiabulls sector 109 than you will always be happy owner.

indiabulls sector 109 gurgaon

  • You will get sound sleep at night: If you have invested in a commercial project than you will have to work only when your tenant have to work. Mostly every store or office get closed at night and work in the morning hours. So, there will be no scope of getting your sleep disturbed during night because of emergency breakage of fire alarm or late night parties of your tenants.
Indian woman sleeping in bed

Indian woman sleeping in bed

  • More Rental Income: Rent of the commercial projects are much more higher than the residential projects. The rental yield of commercial project is usually 10-12% whether the residential project has only 4-5%.
  • Pride of Ownership: Owning an income producing project is a matter of taking a great pride in oneself. This kind of pride is nearly impossible to evaluate the value but it is the highest class of the asset.

Wrapping up

Investing in a commercial project is the best source of income and pride. Just don’t forget to make sure to evaluate the value of the project and check the documents properly before investing. Portfolio Realty would be more than happy to help you out in the whole process.

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