Indiabulls commercial 109

Indiabulls 109 Gurgaon-A new standard in office space design

Gurgaon is one of the fastest growing sub-cities in the national capital region and it would be no exaggeration to say that it offers amongst the most premium, value-for-money real estate spaces in all of India. It is said that in property, location is everything and Indiabulls have followed this philosophy in locating their upcoming premium office development project-Indiabulls 109. It is no secret that in today’s real estate environment, the discerning investor is spoilt for choice with builders hard pressed to sell their spaces. And yet we are confident that that if you examine our flagship office project Indiabulls commercial 109, you will be convinced that what we offer is simply not available anywhere else in Gurgaon. What are these compelling factors? Our project boasts of a unique combination of location, Lifestyle and healthy-living options.

Indiabulls 109

The location, we are happy to say, can’t be bettered. Not only is the project close to the centre of Gurgaon but it is also within a 15 kms. radius from I.G. airport and the sub-city of Dwarka. It has the well developed Palam vihar on one side and the 150 meters wide Dwarka expressway on the other side. Our location can be reached without having to struggle through the increasingly congested NH-8. As far as transportation is concerned, we are happy to say that a future expansion of the metro zooms through our area. The I.G. airport is just 30 minutes away on a 100 meters wide already-built highway and the Gurgaon railway station is just minutes away. Want to catch a flight? Just take the metro to the airport or catch a taxi without the fear of being caught in a traffic jam. Want to head to Delhi for a meeting? Take the metro or travel through broad highways that make your journey hassle free. Want to put up your clients and consultants in swanky and affordable accommodation? The aero city is just a short hop away. What if your employees want to head out in the evening to see a movie or head to a party location? Gurgaon’s famous cyber hub and the mall mile are pretty close. Anyone wants to take the weekend off and travel? Just catch the Shatabdi to Alwar, Jaipur or Ajmer from Gurgaon railway station or head off towards the Himalayas on the iconic Ranikhet express.

Indiabulls commercial 109
Not only that, Indiabulls 109 is multi function composite development and is surrounded by other upcoming residential, retail and commercial developments that will ensure a great lifestyle for the office goers and the residents of this area. Indiabulls 109  has bypassed a troublesome reality of Gurgaon-that as Gurgaon fills up and as the best spaces get more and more expensive, there is no option but to shift further and further south of Gurgaon. Thus travelling within Gurgaon itself takes hours during rush hour with the roads resembling parking lots.

indiabulls 109
And finally we enjoy an advantage that no other location can boast off. We are on the south-western tip of Delhi which enjoys a clean pollution-free south-western breeze for most of the year since the direction of the wind comes in area that consists of nothing but agricultural land for 100’s of sqkms. So come and have a look at Indiabulls commercial 109 and see for yourself that this is the finest office address that Gurgaon can offer!

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