Indiabulls 109 Back to Its Glorious Niche in the Real Estate Realm

Indiabulls 109 Real Estate Stocks are standing tall and drawing in the investors’ attention in loads. The Real Estate part of the company was facing a low time for a long while but this financial year brought some blossoms to it, mainly due to the Mumbai based projects like Sky, Bleu and Sky Forest and the Indiabulls commercial project in sector 109 Gurgaon. Targeting Gurgaon and other developed commercial areas of the nation, IBREL gears up for the 8.7 million sq ft mounting this FY. For both the long term and short term debts, the company’s ratings are upgraded and it is surpassing all the peers in the realm. This staggeringly improved financial status of IBREL signifies the growth in the long run. A huge Land Bank possession of the company in the Mumbai metropolis, NCR and Chennai promises its soaring growth in the recent years based on its proposed projects.

indiabulls 109

Business – Then & Now

IBREL’s big jump can be clearly seen in the revenue of FY 15-16 which is around 2307 Cr. in comparison to the previous FY revenue, which was 1854 Cr. The FY growth of 29.5% is sufficient for engaging potential investors in the IBREL stocks. With the introduction of more and better commercial and residential projects in Mumbai, Indiabulls 109 has successfully managed to improve its reputation and step-up the FY growth. Other growths of the company include EPS (From 5.28 to 5.84) and PAT (230 Cr. to 273 Cr.). The present stock price of IBREL ranges from 98 INR to 105 INR. After the mid-July 2014, the real estate sector of the company has achieved its golden days back. Within a 58-week time frame, the jump of its stock price from 40 INR to 98 INR is not at all a matter to overlook.


Trending Projects with Soaring Growth

The major projects on which the company is focusing right now has been established in NCR, Mumbai, Chennai and Gurgaon. The biggest investment of the company can be witnessed in its BLU project in Worli, Mumbai. Indiabulls is putting around 6335 Cr. for its overall development. The other major investments of the company are in the projects like –

  • Indiabulls Golf City, Savroli, MMR

  • Indiabulls Greens, Panvel, MMR

  • Indiabulls One 09, Gurgaon

  • Enigma, Gurgaon

  • Indiabulls Greens, Chennai

For all the ongoing projects of Indiabulls, the total commercial area of the company is estimated to be 30.14 million sqft. Apart from these national projects, the company has proposed overseas projects as well and the stock price of IBREL is expected to take another big jump in this FY only.

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