Why You Should Book Food Court Space in Indiabulls One 09

Real Estate Builder,Construction Company,Real Estate,Commercial Real Estate Agency,Office Space Rental AgencyToday, food courts have become permanent fixtures in office complexes. An area with common seating but diverse menus have become the call-of-the hour. Many upcoming commercial projects in Gurgaon are now welcoming food franchise operators to set up their businesses here.

Of course, owning a food unit in an office complex truly benefits the food chain operator. Food courts in downtown areas deliver high profits. Often, the food items sold in the food court are half of the times carried out of the court due to time constraints of offices. So, this business is about a lower level of seating with a higher level of sales.

However, as more and more food courts become tenanted with fast-food chains, acquiring a food court space in India has become both difficult & expensive. Investors & food franchise operators are continuously in search for food court restaurants for sale. But definitely, a bright & beneficial option from both sides of the coins is what everyone is seeking! Here’s to making your food court restaurant story a big hit!


Indiabulls One 09 has launched a food court space in Gurgaon for sale. This is a very attractive option for most of the restaurant operators to make their business a win-win! Let’s see how-

  • This ultra-modern food court will be a visible and highly accessible area for generating higher levels of sales for food units.
  • The food court space will have a number of restaurants featuring a broad menu for different tastes of different people.
  • Whether you sell a hamburger, chicken, fish, pizza, Chinese, Mexican, submarine sandwiches, hot dog, salad or ice cream, we can support a total compliment of food operations here. (Hurry! Bookings are open now! Your recipes and unique dishes are welcomed to become everyone’s favourite in Dwarka Expressway’s upcoming office complex.)
  • Multiplexes in the office complex will be placed in proximity to the food court so as to boost sales for the food court operators.
  • Indiabulls commercial project promises to offer efficient seating for never putting a lid on the amount of business that can be generated in the food unit.
  • Of course, it’s important to keep the premises clean, and the best thing here is your clean up fee will be real low. The common area low maintenance charge is another driving factor to invest in Indiabulls One 09’s food court.
  • We encourage large counter spaces for food operators.
  • The food courts will be tastefully decorated & effectively presented. This commercial food court space promises lively ambience designed to stimulate senses.
  • Arrangements for wet points in all the food units.
  • This food court will be a cosier and more welcoming spot for people, where one wouldn’t mind lingering with a beverage or snack.
  • Our designers have chosen lighting, walls & furniture strategically so as to divide larger spaces into smaller zones.
  • This court area will be also expanded to include restroom revamps.

As it will be a hunger feeding & complete entertainment destination point for everyone, it completely captures the attention for all food franchises.


Indiabulls Commercial Food Court Space in Gurgaon is a dream come true for every food unit in terms of:

  • Unmatched Location- Sector 109, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon
  • Low prices & flexible payment options
  • Connectivity- NH8, Dwarka, IGI Airport & Metro Route

Indiabulls One 09 is an upcoming commercial project not just limited to having high street retail shops and office spaces for rent but also includes anchor stores, hypermarket, multiplexes, pubs and lounges, entertainment zones and fitness club. Thus, setting up a restaurant space in this commercial property will be similar to mining for gold.

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